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Emergency Vets in Connecticut – An Overview

As a pet owner, knowing where to find emergency vets in Connecticut is of the upmost importance. Accidents happen under even the most diligent pet owners' watch and chances are your veterinarian of choice is not open at all hours of the day. So what should you do?...

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Halloween Pet Safety Tips: Celebrate Safely

Keeping Your Pets Safe This Halloween The doorbell rings. The door opens. A kid in a Power Ranger mask is at the door - Trick or Treat!. He grabs a couple of pieces of candy, gives you a big thank you with a smile and the door shut once again, waiting for the next...

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Bus Stop Etiquette for Your Dog | Back to School Tips

Labor Day has passed and school is in full swing! Everybody is settling into their daily routines, including the family pup. One of your dogs' favorite activities may be seeing their best friends off at the bus stop or greeting them after a long day away! Bus stop...

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Pet Disaster Preparedness Kits in Connecticut

Be sure to consider your furry family members in your disaster preparedness plans. In Connecticut, unpredictable long-term power outages, impassable roads and unexpected natural disasters (such as the 2018 tornado in our service area) can put you and your pets' lives...

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Dogs and Back to School Transitions

Summer is winding down and buses are back on the roads. Kids are filled with a mix of excitement and nerves. Parents are jumping for joy - school is back in session! During this transitional period full of new binders and routine, your pet may need some help. Going...

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National Dog Day – Let’s Party! | August 26th

Let's celebrate the best dog in the world... YOURS! National Dog Day is August 26th and was started in 2004 by a woman named Colleen Paige. According to the National Dog Day website, Colleen is an animal advocate that chose this date as it marks the day her family...


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