Meet and Greet

RCO Pet Care provides one complimentary 30 minute Meet & Greet where you’ll meet RCO management and your primary pet care specialist. This will allow you to get to know us and we get to meet you and your pets prior to the start of service. We will review all information, and collect two house keys at that time. Please have the keys made and pet portal filled out for your scheduled Meet & Greet appointment.

Additional Meet and Greets will result in a $25 charge.

Primary Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Each daily dog walking and vacation client is assigned a primary caregiver. In the event that your primary walker is out sick, taking time off, or has a last minute emergency, an alternate dog walker or RCO management is ready and available to take over so no interruption in care occurs.

On occasion, we may need to reassign your dog(s) to a different caregiver. The new pet care provider will shadow your pets’ visits and be introduced to your pet(s) so they can become familiar with each other and learn your dog(s) routine. Arrangements may be made if you would like to meet your new primary sitter upon request.

Pet Portal

Each client will be given a log-in to access RCO’s Pet Portal prior to the initial Meet and Greet. Here, clients can request services, update their pet care, personal and emergency information. Please be sure to review and fill out the pet portal prior to your Meet & Greet appointment.

Payment Policy

RCO accepts cash, check and all major credit cards. We cannot guarantee our availability until the Pet Portal has been filled out, the Meet and Greet has been done and requested service times and dates have been communicated. Payment policy for each service is as follows:

Pet Sitting Services – 100% due at first service
Dog Walks and Puppy Program – Billed weekly, 100% due at the first service of the week


We will obtain two copies of your house key during your first free new client meeting. Please have your keys ready at this time. The client may be charged a $20 convenience fee if the RCO Sitter must return to pick up keys. If you do not use keys, we will discuss alternate forms of entry at the Meet and Greet.

Keys will remain on file at the RCO Pet Care office unless alternative arrangements are made. Clients are welcome to take their keys in between visits but will be charged a $15 convenience fee each time a sitter needs to make an additional visit to pick them up.

RCO Pet Care reserves the right to make an additional copy if you have multiple primary pet sitters or dog walkers. All keys are stored in a secure location and coded for your privacy and protection. For more information on how we handle your keys, click here.


Short Notice and Early/Late Visits:

A $5 per visit fee will be applied to all visits booked with less than 24 hours’ notice unless previously approved or waived by RCO Management.

Any visit scheduled to start prior to 7:30 am or after 8:30 pm will be assessed an additional $10 per visit.

Vacation Pet Sitting Requirements

For the wellbeing of our four-legged clients, RCO requires the following for vacation pet sitting:
For dogs, a minimum of three visits per day is required unless otherwise discussed and approved by RCO Management. If this is the case, no more than 12 hours will go between visits.

For cats and other small animals, a minimum of one visit per day is required. No exceptions.

Cancellation Policies

Pet Sitting
If less than 7 days notice is provided, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied to the service that has not commenced as of the date of cancellation. Any remaining balance will be credited to your RCO account toward future services.

If Pet Sitting Services have commenced and one or more visits are cancelled due to your early return or change in schedule, no refund will be issued for those unused visits.

Dog Walking and Puppy Programs
If less than 24 hours notice is given, the walk or puppy program visits will be charged the full rate.

Why Do We Have a Cancellation Policy?

We have awesome clients who are extremely important to us. We take pride in providing the best care possible to your pet so having a cancellation policy ensures that all parties will be treated in an equitable manner. Because there are a finite number of hours in a day and demand for our services continues to grow, we book services weeks, sometimes months, in advance. We try to never turn our clients away but sometimes that does happen and we don’t maintain a waitlist for pet sitting.

In both instances, pet sitting and dog walking, if a cancellation occurs we have no way of reselling that time. Our cancellation policies are the same for everyone and are always available on our website. This transparency allows us to schedule clients who are serious about using our services and understand in advance that our cancellation policy is in place to be fair to all. We hope you understand and thank you in advance for your cooperation.


A Holiday Rate Period of $5 per extra visit may be charged beginning one business day prior to the holiday and include the first business day after the holiday. The Thanksgiving Holiday Period commences the day before the holiday and ends the Monday after. The Christmas holiday begins the day before Christmas Eve through New Years Day.

A Major Holiday Rate of $10 per visit will be applied to New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

The above does not apply to Monday through Friday recurring dog walking clients.


RCO Pet Care does not issue refunds of any kind. If you cancel services after making full payment, you will receive a credit to your account minus any applicable cancellation fees. Exceptions may be made due to extenuating circumstances. Account credits do not expire.

Late Payments

Failure to remit full payment at the first visit of the service period may remove your pet(s) from the schedule until payment is made.

A $50 returned check fee will be assessed to any returned check. A flat $10 late fee may be applied to any invoice 7 days overdue. Any outstanding balance is subject to a 20% late fee on the accrued outstanding balance every 30 days. Any balance outstanding after 90 days will be turned over to a collection agency or suit filed in Small Claims Court. All accrued late fees, collection fees and/or court filing fees will be added to the outstanding balance and are to be paid by client.

Severe Weather

In severe weather conditions, we do our very best to ensure that your pet is cared for as scheduled. However, during winter pet sitting, when very severe weather may cause travel to be dangerous or roads to be impassable, RCO Pet Care will call your emergency contact or neighbor to check in on your pets. This should be a person close enough to walk to your home if roads are impassable (for example, a neighbor).

If we are physically unable to drive to your home this information is needed so that we can contact them to request their assistance to check on your pet(s) until it is safe for us to do so. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that RCO has updated emergency contact information, which should also include a close neighbor, during the winter months. Update your emergency contact information by November 15th annually. Any visits cancelled by RCO Pet Care due to weather will be credited to your RCO account for use toward future services.

The client is responsible for removal of all snow & ice removal on their property. For the safety of your pets and sitter, please be sure to make arrangements for your driveway, sidewalks/paths and any entrances to be cleared of snow and ice. You will be notified if RCO cannot safely access your driveway or walkways. Upon your next scheduled visit, we will again attempt to gain safe access to your home and pet.

RCO Pet Care will not leave pets outside during below freezing temperatures.

Invisible Fencing/Unsupervised Outdoor Access

The use of invisible fences is at the risk of the client. RCO Pet Care is not responsible for any injury, loss, or death of your pet that results from us being instructed to use an invisible fence. NO pets will be left unsupervised by RCO between visits in an invisible fence or tied in the yard. If friends or neighbors visiting your pet leave your pet in an invisible fence or tied in your yard RCO is NOT responsible for any injury, loss, or death of your pet that may occur. RCO Pet Care is NOT responsible for any injury, loss, or death of your pet that may occur if a doggy door is used.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our service, please let us know immediately so we can address the issue and remedy the situation in a timely fashion.

If you were provided great service it is appropriate, and very much appreciated, to tip your dog walker or pet sitter for the love and care they provide your pet while you’re away. This is only a suggestion and not required.

Privacy Policy

RCO Pet Care will not share your personal information with third party vendors for any purpose. We collect your name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, payment information, and home/pet information for the sole purpose of providing quality pet care for you. This information is maintained in a secure location.

At RCO Pet Care, the safety of your pets, the security of your home and providing our clients with an excellet customer experience are our top priorities. If you have questions please contact us at any time. We love to help!

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