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Greater Waterbury Dog Walking

Starting at $24/walk

Today’s pet owners are busier than ever. Long commutes, meetings, kids’ school activities… it never seems to end! While you are running around trying to get it all done (…and of course, you do get it all done! Go you!) your pup is home alone waiting for you. Do you know that a daily walk can make your pup’s day much more enjoyable and lead to a healthier, happier life?

Walks are a great source of exercise for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Your dogs and ONLY our dogs will be walked during your visit. Your pets and their safety are our number one priority. By avoiding “pack walks” (multiple pups from different homes) we can give your dogs the one-on-one attention they deserve.

Pup isn’t a fan of pounding the pavement? No problem! We are happy to prove playtime in the yard or house, too!

How We’re Keeping You Safe

The vast majority of our dog walks can be completed without human-to-human contact to protect our clients and team members from COVID-19. View our COVID-19 safety precautions and as always, contact us with any specific concerns. Safety is our priority!

Our Dog Walking Services are perfect for…

Busy Professionals

Work can pull you away from your pup for long periods of time whether you travel to the office or work from home. Let us break up those alone hours with some fun!

Limited Mobility

Limited mobility due to age, injury or illness can make exercising your pet difficult. Let us do the work and bring back a happy, tired dog!

New Pet Parents

New-to-the-family dogs can need some help adjusting. Regular exercise can help relieve some of the anxiety that comes with a new home!

Stay-at-Home Parents

You have enough going on. Take one thing off your plate and let us handle the walking! You deserve it.

Benefits of Our Dog Walking Services

Best Places to Walk Your Dog Oxford CT Larkin Bridle Trail

Health and Weight Management

Just like us, exercise can help dogs maintain a healthy weight. However, your pup can’t hit the gym! A walk is a great way to get some exercise in so you know he’s not spending ALL day snoozing on the couch.

Reduce Boredom and Anxiety

We have had many clients tell us about how their pooch eats their couch, blinds, wall…. you name it! While a walk isn’t a silver bullet for behavior issues, it can help alleviate boredom and hopefully some of that chewing, barking and scratching.

Reduce Loneliness

You are your dog’s world. They miss you! Having an RCO Pet Care Specialist come visit and walk them for 30 minutes a day can help alleviate some of this loneliness. What dog doesn’t want more friends?

Bathroom Breaks

Your boss doesn’t make you hold it for the whole workd ay! Need we say more? Give your best friend a chance to relieve himself in the middle of the day!

Safety First

Our team is trained to spot potential dangers and hazards on the road. Know your pup will be kept out of harm’s way with RCO’s safety protocols in place.

Post-Visit Updates

Receive a full report delivered to your phone and email at the end of each and every walk. See your dog’s GPS route, whether or not they did their business, pictures, notes and more!

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