Our Pet Care Journals

Our Pet Care Journals provide you with peace of mind, every time.

Along with gold standard pet care, your customer experience and peace of mind is extremely important to us. During each and every visit, our clients receive a Pet Care Journal Entry detailing what happened during the visit, when the pet care provider was there, notes, photos and more. These are instantly delivered via text and email!

Want to learn more? Take a look below for a real report, sent by one of our pet care specialists during a dog walk.


Dog Walk - 30 Minutes / Afternoon


When you first click the link to your pet journal, a photo of your adorable pet appears to brighten up your day!

The “Overview” section of the journal tells you what service was performed, the expected duration and the date. That way you know you didn’t click on an older one!

The icons below the date indicate how many actions were checked off on the checklist, how many photos are included and how many comments are ready to view.



The “Details” section gives you the specifics of the visit. Here you can find the date and service (again – in case you forgot!), which sitter completed the visit and their arrival and departure times!



The “Events” section tells you what happened during the visit. In a dog walking visi, it will usually just include bathroom information. During a pet sit other options including litter box cleaning, mail collection and payment collection, medications.



Each journal you receive will include photos of your pets. What’s more fun than pictures to tell you your pet is having a great time while you’re soaking up the sun or spending a day in the office?

Typically, each journal contains 1-3 photos. A special day like this snow day, however, calls for a photo shoot!

Each and every picture we send you in your journals are uploaded to the gallery in your Portal where can view or download them.


There is also a “Map” section on each of pet journal. For client privacy, the map from this journal is excluded. It shows check-in, check-out points as well as the walking route.


Each visit journal includes a note from your pet care provider. The note will summarize the visit and how the pet did. Any responses you leave are sent right to the sitter, the RCO office and are kept with journal forever!


The bottom of your journal includes an easy way to comment back to your sitter! Simply put in your name, email and comment and your sitter and the RCO office will be notified. This system allows us to seamlessly provide care for your pets no matter who is providing visits!


Your Peace of Mind is Our Priority

Journal entries are included with each and every service. 

Rest assured your pets are healthy and happy while you’re away!

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