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Cat Sitting

Starting at $25/visit

Our cat sitting visits are offered in 15 or 30 minute increments. We find 15 minutes, once per day, is enough to feed, scoop the cat box, refresh water and provide some brief playtime. 30 minutes is perfect for households with multiple cats or felines that require more complicated routines.

Many of our clients opt to make these visits twice per day for two feedings or extra attention! All visits include our standard pet sitting services to help keep your home secure and looking “lived in.” These tasks may include getting the mail, watering plants and adjusting lights.


Safety is Our Priority

RCO Pet Care strictly enforces an every-day visit policy for cats. While cats are typically thought to be self-sufficient enough to go more than a day without a sitter, emergencies and health issues are very time sensitive. If your cat gets into a problem and we aren’t scheduled to be there for 48 hours, we can’t help!


Our Cat Care Services are perfect for…


Enjoy time away with your family, friends or take that trip to Rome you’ve always dreamed of without worrying about Fluffy.

Busy Professionals

Does your cat demand dinner at 5pm sharp? You’re not alone! Let us take care of dinner while you attend your work networking event.

Haters of the Litterbox

Hate scooping the litter box? We’re here to help! Let our team deal with the mess while you spend your time doing something a little less smelly!

Doodle puppy

Boo’s mom says…

“This pet care business really has their process down and my babies were perfectly well and happy when we returned, litter clean. We love our babies and it’s easier to leave them knowing they will be in good hands for future trips!”

Benefits of Our Cat Care Services

No Exposure to Fleas/Disease

Keeping Kitty at home prevents unwanted exposure to fleas, parasites and all sort of germs your cat may not be accustomed to.

No New Sights, Sounds or Smells

Providing your cat with in-home pet care allows her to use her own litter box, sleep in her favorite sunny spot on the couch and keeps her away from the noises and smells of other cats as would typically be found in a cat condo set up.

Keep Their Normal Routine

We can work with you to plan your cat’s visit time(s) to reflect their normal eating times, bedtime routines and other familiarities.

No Transport Drama

Let’s face it – most cats don’t like being stuck in a carrier, put in a car and end up in some strange place. Save yourself the hassle and Kitty the extra stress – keep him happy at home!

Safety First

Our team is trained to spot abnormalities in your cat’s behavior and will always lay eyes on your cat no matter where they may be hiding. Know your cat is in good hands with RCO’s safety protocols in place.

Post-Visit Updates

Receive a full report delivered to your phone and email at the end of each and every visit. See photos, notes from your sitter, what was performed at each visit and more!

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