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RCO Pet Care takes great pride in our top-notch dog walking, dog training and pet sitting services.

Whether you are away for the day or out traveling the world, we’ve got your tail!
All services are fully customizable to you and your pet’s needs.

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Dog Walks & Pet Care

Southbury Pet Sitter holding cat

Meet and Greet

Starting at $35

A Meet and Greet is the first step to a long, successful relationship with our team of Pet Care Specialists! Introduce us to your pets, show us the lay of the land, ask any question that pops into your head, test out our journal system and let us get you set up with a lock box or test your keyless entry.

We can’t wait to meet you!


Dog Walking

Starting at $24

Walking your dog is great for their health – mentally and physically! Like their human friends, exercise allows dogs to stay fit, trim and improves their cardiovascular health.

Our walks are perfect for dog owners such as busy professionals, those with limited mobility and stay-at-home parents! Let us tire out your pup while you focus on your work and family.


Cat Care

Starting at $25

Give your cat a “staycation” while you’re away. Enrichment, exercise and socialization is just as important for cats as it is dogs!

Whether you have a meeting after work and your princess cat demands dinner at 5pm or you’re out traveling the world, we’ve got your tail.

Hate the litterbox? We can make special trips just to save you the trouble, too!


Pet Sitting

Starting at $25

In-your-home pet sitting provides an excellent alternative to a traditional boarding setting. While some pets enjoy the excitement that comes with kenneling, many do so much better when surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of their own home. 

Whether you’re heading out for a day trip, taking the family to Disney for the week or are a frequent flyer for business, we’ll customize your visits to your exact needs.

Pet Sitting is available for all domestic species – whether furry, finned, feathered or scald, we’ve got your tail!


Puppy Care Visits

Starting at $24

New puppy? Congratulations! Puppies require serious attention, routine planning and playtime. This can be difficult if you are away for the day!

Our Puppy Care Visits are perfect for any and all puppy owners. Whether you work from home or in the office, let us take care of those frequent potty breaks and excess energy for you .

New rescue? Frequent visits can help reinforce house training and help your newest family member adjust to life in their forever home.

Puppies are a lot of work and we can’t get enough of it! 

Dog Training

Group Classes and Private Training

Looking for dog training? You’re in the right place!

Our training program has grown so much we have opened a group class facility and started a new branch of RCO Pet Care – Where Sit Happens!

Check out our training website for all things behavior! 

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Mackenzie started with us right after we got a super fearful rescue dog. She came to meet him and, while he was still very nervous, we knew right away she would be a good fit for our boy. She came for her first walk with him two days later and he couldn't have been more excited! I felt so relieved knowing he would be more than okay while we were at work. They became fast friends and he loves her visits! I can see the excitement in his face in all the fabulous photos she sends each visit! Two months later, we added a second dog to our family and Mackenzie has been continually amazing with both of them. We've extended the length of our visits to allow her adequate time because they get SO excited to see her! She sends us a very detailed report, a report card, and several photos each visit. We are so incredibly grateful to have her in our lives!
We have used RCO for our last two trips and we could not be happier with the service we received. Each staff member did a wonderful job with our two dogs and even went above and beyond when we forgot to take care of something in the house before we left. Our dogs can be high energy and they did a great job both allowing them plenty of play time in our yard along with mixing some walks to allow them to see new surroundings and smells. The app they use is great for both scheduling and the visit updates were fantastic. We were getting to a point where we were awaiting the next batch of photos just to see what our dogs where up to next. It is a great feeling being on a trip knowing that our friends at home are getting the love an affection they deserve. Great job to you and your team, we will certainly be using you services going forward. Thank you
RCO Pet Care has done an amazing job taking care of our dog Tripp when we are out of town. Tripp is a 3 year old diabetic lab who needs to get his blood sugar tested and insulin shot twice a day. Mackenzie always shows up at the scheduled time and Tripp's waiting for her at the door (he absolutely loves her). We love getting the texts letting us know how he did on the visit and of course all the great photos.I am a big "read the reviews" person and will invest a lot of time reading reviews before making a decision on anything. So for anyone reading this, RCO Pet Care is the right choice to help you with your pets needs.
I can’t recommend RCO enough! Sara and Jenn have been so great with my crazy pack (4 pups!). The pictures and the journals I receive whenever I go away gives me SO much peace of mind! I can truly see how much my dogs love them and I’m so glad/grateful they’re available 365 days a year 💜
Terrific experience with RCO Petcare. Reliable, professional and friendly - Mackenzie took great care of our toy poodle and sent so many photos and detailed updates after every visit. It was such peace of mind having her. Much better than any kennel because our dog was relaxed and safe at home. Highly recommend !!!
Response from the owner: Aw, thank you Erica! Mackenzie LOVED caring for Ruby and we are so appreciative of your kind words. Peace of mind and relaxed pets are exactly what we aim to accomplish. We're so happy we could do this for you!We hope to see Ruby again soon :)Jessica
RCO Pet Care has done such an amazing job caring for our dog! We are so grateful to Alora and all of the RCO staff.Alora is absolutely wonderful with our dog. She takes her for a walk everyday, gives her any food or water that she may need, and shows her so much love and affection while we’re at work. We love that we come home to a happy dog who was able to get some exercise even though we weren’t available. We also love that we get daily updates and pictures that describe how each visit went!Thank you so much, RCO Pet Care!
Response from the owner: Annie,Thank you SO much for your kind words. Alora and the whole team loooooves your girl and we're so happy to know you all :)We'll see you soon <3Jess
Claudia and Rebecca were amazing with our two dogs, Ginger and Callie! I highly recommend RCO pet care and will definitely be using them in the future. I loved how after every visit, they sent pictures of ours dogs to me with a detailed message on how the visit went. It made me feel so much better about leaving them home, knowing that they were getting so much love and attention. Thank you so much!!
Response from the owner: Lauren,Thank you so much for your review! Claudia and Rebecca just loved visiting your dynamic duo and can't wait to see them again.Jess
Shay has progressed a lot in the area of walking on leash , which was his main problem. He’s an active 1 year old Lab, weighing 85 pounds. He is strong and lovable. Jessica and Jessie have worked with me showing me how to work with him. He has gotten much better. Jessie comes twice a week to walk him. Shay waits at the door for Jessie to come. He gets so excited. He has responded very well to her. Just a couple of weeks ago I walked with Jessie and Shay, just to review his progress. They go out of their way to be supportive and to work with you to help you correct any problems you may be having. I would highly recommend this business and their services. Kathleen Sullivan
Response from the owner: Kathleen,Thank you SO much for your feedback. Shay has made great progress and Jessie loves working with him. We're super proud of him and are happy you're able to enjoy the results :)Jessica
And yet another reason to love RCO Pet Care...Jess has cared for our furry family for years now, and Mackenzie started coming over when we needed help with Nutmeg and my office let us return to the building after COVID.In the past few months, as our cat Nutmeg's health progressively failed, Mackenzie would come over more often to help care for everyone.The day after Nutmeg passed, when my partner went back to work, Mackenzie came over when I couldn't bear to open the cabinet where all the cat plates live -- because all of Nutmeg's medications were in there. When marking down meal times in the book would make me cry because of the empty spaces where Nutmeg's medications should have been recorded...We've relied on Mackenzie and RCO so much.My partner and I received a hand-written heartfelt card today - from Jess, Mackenzie, and the rest of the RCO team, sending sympathies for our loss of Nutmeg. They didn't need to do that, and yet... they did it anyway.RCO doesn't feel "just like a business". I know they are, but it's the little touches like these that make them feel like family. It's support that we cherish, and appreciate - we certainly would have struggled immensely without them, but they go the extra mile -- from birthday cards and little treats, now to making sure the humans are taken care of too ... I will never be able to recommend RCO enough.Thank you, all of you, for everything.=================================I have three cats, two of whom are special needs with dietary restrictions and medications. We've used other pet sitters in the past, and each time was a bad experience. From complete radio silence from the sitter while we were away, to the wrong food being given, to items being stolen... It was just bad all around. So... You could say I have some trust issues when it comes to pet sitters.Enter RCO. RCO is amazing! They came out to meet us before agreeing to take us on as a client, to make sure they felt comfortable meeting our needs. They took the time to meet our animals and note their temperament. And best of all... Each visit that RCO makes, they write a report. They let you know what they did during the visit, take photos, make notes of any odd behaviours , and overall just let you know how things are going. We had them come out twice a day for feeding and cleaning litter boxes while we were away for a week, and let me tell you - those reports are AMAZING.RCO is VERY communicative with you. Jess was our sitter, and when she had questions, she texted us to make sure things were done the way we wanted them. She didn't attempt to be a mind-reader and wasn't afraid to ask questions, which I REALLY appreciated.Long story short - RCO is our permanent sitter, we love them so much. There's no point in considering anyone else, when RCO goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is taken care of - animal AND human alike.
Response from the owner: You've made our whole week. Thanks so much, Rachael! Your kitties are a special bunch <3
Extraordinarily pleased and so impressed with RCO Pet Care and with Bri's visit, status note and wow, the pictures of all of our 4-legged critters! We booked a 30 minute visit principally for our 3 dogs (super easy to book) so we could take a day trip. Bri went over-and-above in caring for them, and wow, also checked on our 4 cats, with a multi water re-refresh, and posted pictures, including of our 2 exceedingly camera shy/people shy cats! Definitely makes it easier for us to schedule our next day trip knowing that our beloved critters are well cared for. Thank you again Bri ; we cannot recommend RCO Pet Care enough for taking care of our menagerie.
Response from the owner: Sharon,Thank you so much for your kind words! Allowing you to travel stress-free and going above and beyond is our goal every single visit :)We look forward to seeing the crew again soon!Jessica
Using RCO Pet Care was the best choice we’ve ever made! Jess, Bri, and Lisa were SO accommodating and made sure that our two dogs were getting the best care possible! We were out of the country for a full week and we were never nervous about how our dogs were doing. The journals and the pictures were awesome and we couldn’t have chosen a better option! Would fully recommend using this company for any pet care you need!
Response from the owner: Emma,Thank you so much for your review. We absolutely LOVED meeting and caring for the boys! We hope you had a wonderful trip and hope to see the Kalvin and Chance again soon :)Jessica
Where do I begin? I just love these guys (Jessica/McKenzie). They are awesome. Jess is so quick to respond and can always squeeze me at the last min (I thank her and McKenzie so much for that) and for taking such great care of my furbabies….At first when I started, when Jessica had just started up I was lit nervous, not with her or McKenzie, just the thought of leaving my kids….but boy oh boy they outdid themselves….McKenzie loves my kids like they’re hers and that makes me feel so safe and comfortable….and the updates I get, love all of them and I love all of the pics I get, too many to post, but they get pics that I could never get and my kids always look so happy and content and best of all, when I return home, my kids are the same as when I left, not upset or bothered at all and that to me speaks volumes for RCO…thank you thank you for all you do and for watching my babies when I can’t ❤️
Response from the owner: Aw Melanie thank you so much for your kind words - this is such a great testimony of what we aim to do and it means so much. You and your kiddos have been part of our crew since close to day 1 and we are so honored to earn your trust and support. Give those pups some love from us and Mackenzie will see them later :)Jessica
We've struggled finding a reliable dog walker and were lucky enough to eventually be referred to RCO. Jessica and her staff are wonderful and there's never any question if someone is going to come to take our dog out on schedule. Claudia always provides detailed descriptions of her visit with lots of pictures and our dog loves her.
Response from the owner: Diana,Thank you so much for your review! We are so glad we eventually connected, too :)Claudia LOVES her visits with Dudley and we are so happy that we were able to take that stress off of your plate.Tail wags!Jess
Sooooo happy we decided to go with Jess for dog training! We adopted a six month old whippet mix in December who we didn’t realize was reactive towards dogs so we were definitely overwhelmed and would avoid bringing her places that would potentially have other dogs. After six sessions with Jess, I can safely say we feel comfortable bringing her around with us anywhere! She gave us the tools to help Piper feel confident, and also gave US the confidence that we can handle Piper when she has a reaction and we need to re-focus her on us instead of the other dog. The most recent brewery we went to, we got many compliments on how well behaved our dogs were and how quiet and all around amazing they were. We couldn’t have done it without Jess and RCO!!! Definitely recommend!!
Response from the owner: Emma,Thank you SO much for your feedback and kind words. Piper has made incredible progress and that is thanks to you and Mike putting in the work with her - she couldn't do it without you! I'm so proud of all of you and look forward to seeing her continue to excel :)Jess
Jessica has been watching our dog, Captain, for years now. The moment she walks in the door it's all about the dog! She puts all her energy into making sure he is happy, comforted, and exercised!!!! She updates us on him with pictures, videos, texts, etc... It's not just a job to her and it's immediately apparent to any pet owner. I have recommended her to many friends over the years and will continue to do so.
Response from the owner: Thanks, Heidi! Captain is an amazing pup and I appreciate your kind words.
I have a very anxious and nervous young dog named Piper. She is so anxious she can not be left in the house alone or she is destructive. She is also fearful and nervous around anyone she does not know. Working long hours and not wanting to keep her in a crate all day, I began using RCO Pet Care. I have loved having someone come to let her out during the day, but mostly I am beyond thrilled with Piper’s progress (that I was even expecting to happen!). Since someone has been coming to the house, Piper is no longer as fearful or anxious around new or unfamiliar people. She started her visits by keeping a distance, but always watching. Now she is laying on the couch looking for belly rubs from her pet sitter! It’s only been a couple months and Piper has benefitted so much from these visits. I was even able to bring her to get her picture taken with Santa, which previously she would have freaked. Piper has loved meeting new friends (Jess, Anisa, and Mackenzie) and I am so thankful for them enjoying her just as much! I highly recommend RCO Pet Care for all your pet sitting needs.
Response from the owner: Bethany,Thank you so much for your kind words! This is such a great testament for what we aim to do and how weekly visits can provide so much more than "just a walk." We are very proud of Piper and love visiting the whole crew :)Jessica
RCO team took care for my 3 cats over Thanksgiving holiday and I 100% will be using them again. I recieved pictures of each twice a day and looked forward to the text seeing them each time as well as the update. This pet care business really has their process down and my babies were perfectly well and happy when we returned, litter clean. We love our babies, and it's easier to leave them knowing they will be in good hands for future trips. 😊
Response from the owner: Jessica,Thank you so much for your kind words! Amber and Bethany LOVED caring for the kitties. Boo and Ladybug seemed to really enjoy their visits and even though he was nervous, we're hopeful Spookley will come around next time, too!We are honored to have your trust and look forward to our next visit! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving!Jessica
This was the first time I used a pet service to take care of my cat, Agnes, and it was a wonderful experience! Jessica was a joy to work with, and I was so impressed that she came to visit me ahead of time, and answer any questions I had. RCO offers a professional and thoughtful service - I feel like they thought of everything. I was amazed at how much information I got every day: photos and updates that made me feel so comfortable that Agnes was doing well. I have to say a huge thank you to Mackenzie, who came every day and was absolutely wonderful. She gained Agnes' trust, and I don't know which of us was happier about that 🙂 I had complete peace of mind, and will be recommending RCO to anyone who needs pet sitting services. I can't thank Jessica and Mackenzie enough.
Response from the owner: Fee,Thank you so much for your kind words! This is exactly the type of experience we aim for pet parents to have and we just loved visiting Agnes!Your support and trust is appreciated!Jessica
Mackenzie from RCO was absolutely amazing! This was the first time away from the pups and I was super nervous, but with the journal and pictures sent with every visit, I was so happy and beyond relieved 🙂 they loved her and they seemed to have a great time. I can’t say enough great things about the services RCO offers and how great Mackenzie was, we would 100% love to have her sit them again, maybe even a dog walk visit here and there even in between vacations because I think they made a new friend 🙂
Response from the owner: Rachel,Thank you so much for your review! Mackenzie absolutely loved visiting the boys and would love to care for them again! We take pride in our services and are so glad you're happy. Give Bento and Hibachi some love for us :)Jessica
Jess, I am so happy with the care given to Kya while we were away. I was a little worried that our trip would be too long but when we returned she greeted us as if we never left. Julia was fantastic with her and took great care of her. We were also happy with the girls who filled in on a few of the day visits. I was able to enjoy my time with family without any worries . Thank you so much again, you truly are the best and I’m excited I will be able to take more vacations without any worries. I wish I could give you 10 stars😊
Response from the owner: Laura,Thank you so much for your kind review! The team LOVED visiting Kya and we are so glad to hear that you were able to sit back and relax with your family! Kya is a sweet girl and it's very clear how much you love her!Thank you so much for your trust!Jessica
My husband and I have two cats and a dog. We are very particular about who we trust with their care. I really love that I felt I could trust RCO Petcare from the jump. The pictures of the animals and GPS really helped to ease the initial anxiety. Everyone has been timely, professional, and worked so well with my dog who can be skittish around new people.
Response from the owner: Gabby,Thank you so much for your kind review! We are so proud of Jiffi and all of her progress. Plus we love that kitty crew, of course!Thank you for your continued trust and support!Jessica

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