Meet and Greets

Let’s Get You Ready to Go!

Starting at $35

Prior to any pet care service, we require a New Client Registration meeting… otherwise affectionately known as a Meet and Greet! The Meet and Greet is the first step in our relationship to get you and your pets set up for many successful visits to come!

What can you expect?

  • The chance to meet some of the RCO Pet Care team, ask questions and ensure we are the perfect fit for your family! 
  • Time to introduce us to your pets and home! We can’t wait to love them and want to know ALL about them! Don’t forget to show us where the treats are 🙂
  • We’ll get you set up with a lock box or test out your keyless entry.


  • We’ll take notes throughout the meeting to ensure we have every detail to ensure the puur-fect visit for your fur babies. 

Ready to get started? We can’t wait to meet you!


Black and white cat with green eyes looking at pet sitter

Merlin’s mom says…

Right away when Jessica came for the consultation and to meet our cats, Oliver and Merlin, I immediately felt comfortable with her… This was so reassuring. Communication is constant between RCO and the customer. I will never have any other pet sitter again!

Why Do We Require a Meet and Greet?

Reduce Pet Anxiety

If a brand new person walked into your home, you might be a little nervous! A Meet and Greet allows us to give your pet time to see, smell and greet us. We ideally like to schedule these within 1-2 weeks of your trip to keep us fresh in ther minds.


We'll Get ALL the Details

We’ll take notes on our clipboard or iPad as you show us around the house and tell us all about your pets. While you will have filled our your profile, sometimes you may forget a detail or we’ll want some clarification. This let’s us ask the questions we need to ensure flawless care.

Safety First

A Meet and Greet allows us to set you up with a lock box, check keys, try the alarm system, figure out that funky door knob, and more. Show us exactly how you’d like us to keep your home secure!

Test the Journal System

At each Meet and Greet we send a sample journal. This ensures your phone number and settings are set up correctly so you’ll get commuinication at each and every visit! Plus, you’ll know what to expect when you’re on the road!

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