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There’s nothing like bringing home that warm cuddly bundle of love and oh, the sweet smell of puppy breath! But what do you do with Puppy when you’re at work? Our Puppy Care visits are specifically tailored to meet the needs of growing puppies.

Our Puppy Care visits are designed for young dogs, 8 weeks to 12 months, who need a potty break and exercise one or more times a day. Generally, most puppies can physically hold their bladder for as many hours as they are months old, plus one. So, a two-month-old puppy can “hold it” for three hours, a 4-month-old is good for a maximum of five hours, etc. We’ll work with you to develop a specific plan for your puppy based on his age.

These frequent visits enable us to reinforce housebreaking and manners while burning off excess energy so you come home to a happy, playful puppy. Our specially trained team will take Puppy out for a potty break, clean up any messes and reinforce housebreaking according to your routine. After a short play time, Puppy will be given a quick cuddle, fresh water and tucked in to nap.

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Tor’s mom says…

“I have used RCO Pet Care for more than a year and would recommend them to anyone. They are extremely responsive, reliable, professional and always willing to work with you to tailor their services for your needs and those of your pet. “

Our Puppy Care visits are perfect for…

New Puppy Parents

Young puppies are a lot of work! If you’re new to puppy owning, we would love to help guide you in this amazing journey!

Busy Professionals

Puppies can’t hold it while you work. Let us take over the work hour potty breaks and know your pup is in good hands.

Rescue Parents

Even older rescues may not be familiar with the rules of house training or manners. Frequent visits can help them settle in to a new routine!

Limited Mobility

Limited mobility due to age, injury or illness can make the puppy stages your difficult. Let us take the burden off your shoulders!

Benefits of Our Puppy Care Visits

No Exposure to Fleas/Disease

Keeping Puppy at home prevents unwanted exposure to fleas, germs and various germs he could be exposed to in a day care setting. This is especially important for Puppy until he is completely vaccinated.

House Breaking

Puppies need ample opportunity to relieve themselves. While Puppy may be able to hold his bladder for 4 hours, knowing to is another matter! Frequent potty breaks help avoid messes and reinforce a proper relief routine.

Mess Cleanup

It happens! While learning to potty train, there will be plenty of messes. If Puppy has an accident, we’ll take care of the dirty work. Your pet care specialist will clean up any accidents and leave your pup’s area fresh and clean.


Once Puppy has been fully vaccinated, short leash walks can be incorporated and will begin to gently teach positive leash manners! This helps keep Puppy healthy, tired and sets him up to be a pleasure to walk.

Mental Stimulation

For puppies to grow into well adjusted, well behaved adult dogs, they must be exposed to all of the world’s sights, scents and sounds. Our Puppy Sitters will provide age appropriate, stimulating play to expose Puppy to new experiences in the safety of your home.

Safety First

Our team is trained to make your puppy’s safety number one priority. We understand how quickly they can cause trouble without constant supervision. Rest assured with RCO’s safety protocols in place.

Post-Visit Updates

Get notified when we arrive and then receive a full report delivered to your phone and email at the end of each and every visit. See photos, your puppy’s walking route, notes and more! Text back or respond in the app and we’ll get it right away!

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Allow Time for Rest

Puppies need sleep. Just like toddlers, sleep is important to their health and development. By keeping Puppy home instead of dropping him off at a very stimulating place like daycare, we can ensure he has plenty of rest time!

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