Why You Need A Dog Walker When Working From Home

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Working from home with your dog sounds like a dream come true. Working the day away with your loyal dog curled up at your feet, patiently waiting for you to finish your day.. But wait just a second. As a business owner with a home office and four rescue dogs, I can promise it doesn’t typically work out so nicely. While I wouldn’t trade working with my pups for the world, there are often times I have a member of our team drop by for some playtime or a walk. Why? Just check out these five reasons why you need a professional dog walker when working from home:


1. Dogs Don’t Make Productive Coworkers

If you’ve worked in an office, you’ve probably never been mid-phone conversation with a potential client when your coworker runs by with your good dress shoe in his mouth. It’s also safe to say office-dwelling coworkers have never looked you in the eye and peed on the floor because you were working on that spreadsheet just a little too long. While being able to spend the workday with your pets is enjoyable, it also creates some very unique challenges!

Hiring a dog walker can help keep your pup on a schedule so you don’t have to think about it. Young puppy? Let your pet care specialist stop by every few hours to take care of the frequent potty breaks. Energetic breed? Let your dog walker take them on an adventure to burn off some of that energy!


2. Keep Their Routine

Pets are creatures of habit and thrive on routine – anyone with a food-driven dog or cat know how great that internal clock is when dinnertime rolls around! If your dog is used to having a walk everyday around lunchtime, he will be expecting it whether or not you have a day full of work.

By hiring a dog walker when working from home you will guarantee Rover gets that break to get his energy out, break up his day and keep him on his regular schedule.


3. Dogs Can Be Loud

You’re in the middle of that ever-so-important conference call when something catches your eye out the window. Oh no – it’s the mail man! Your dog leaps into action, barking his head off to save the day and scare him off. While your dog thinks he is helping, the attendees of your conference call might be a little upset by the interruption.

Scheduling a dog walker during important meetings can prevent distractions before they can happen. He get some exercise and you get peace and quiet even if the neighborhood cat walks by. It’s a win-win!

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4. Give Yourself a Break

Ah, you’ve finally completed that project you’ve spent all morning on. It’s time for lunch and a little time to decompress. Until you stand up and your dog runs over with those puppy dog eyes and his favorite toy in his mouth. You ignore your rumbling stomach and head out to the yard to throw a tennis ball 30 times even if it’s cold, raining, snowing.. your dog doesn’t care! Then you come in, wipe off muddy paws, freshen their water, give him a treat… Next thing you know you it’s time to get back to work and you’re eating a piece of bread with peanut butter on it for lunch.

Knowing Rover has planned, dedicated playtime with his dog walker will allow you to relax and take the break time that is so essential to rejuvenate your mind and improve work performance.


5. Know Someone’s Always Got Your Tail

When having a pet care professional come for a walk on a weekly or daily basis, your dog and their caretaker will become fast friends. You will be able to rest assured knowing you have someone that cares for your pup like you do and knows his personality and routine. As many pet parents know, this is an extremely important relationship to have.

By hiring a dog walker when working from home, you’ll never wonder who will care for your pet the case of a last minute emergency, day trip, vacation or if you do find yourself back in an office position. Your walker has your tail!


A Dog Walker is an Invaluable Asset for Your Home Office

While working from home with your dogs can be one of the best decisions you’ll make, it certainly can throw you some curve balls. Your dog will love to have you for the day and doesn’t understand what “work” really is! Consider hiring a professional dog walker when working from home to take some pressure off of you and keep your dog exercised and stimulated. Your boss and teleconference members will thank you!

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