Force Free Dog Training

Force Free In-Home Training

Fall in love with your dog all over again!

Dog training is a very unregulated industry. That means anybody, at any time, can call themselves a dog trainer and sell their “services” utilizing questionable and sometimes inhumane methods. We believe dogs deserve more than that. We believe YOU deserve more than that.

RCO Pet Care utilizes only science based, force free methods to teach your dog what he’s doing right instead of punishing what he is doing wrong. This is known as positive reinforcement (R+) and is proven to create well mannered, confident, well-adjusted dogs that retain behavior because they want to… not because they are of afraid of the consequence if they do not.

Fall in love with the process, too!

From the day you bring them home, you and your dog are a team. Positive reinforcement based, force free training creates a beautiful partnership to last throughout their lives. As your dog begins to understand how to replace undesirable behaviors with better choices, you will simultaneously grow confident in your ability to communicate with him and understand his body language and communication signals. As you continue to work together and build a reinforcement history, you’ll be more connected than ever before AND have the dog of your dreams.

Our favorite part about this methodology of training is the loose, wagging tails and enthusiasm you see in every training session!

Positive Reinforcement Is Proven To Work For…

New Puppy Parents


Training your puppy can start as soon as they come home. Utilize short, positive sessions!
New Pet Parents

Adult Dogs

You absolutely CAN teach old dogs new tricks and you can do it well!
New Pet Parents

Other Animal Species

R+ training has been applied to horses, dolphins, goldfish and countless other species.
Stay-At-Home Parents


Yep. It works on humans, too. Any species can learn in a compassionate, positive way.

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