Top 5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Your Pet

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Halloween is just a few days away – where did the time go!? At RCO Pet Care, we love Halloween and encourage everyone to get in on the festivities… even our pets! If you haven’t gotten your critter ready for tricks and treats, don’t worry. We’ve done some research on the best last minute Halloween costumes for your pet.

The best part? We know pet parents are busy and time is of the essence. As of the time of writing, each of these costumes can be ordered via Amazon Prime and get here in plenty of time for the holiday. You’re welcome 😉


1. Make Your Pup the Mane Event

RCO Pet Care Halloween Costumes For Your Pet Dog in Lion Costume

Costume: Lion

Best For: Medium and large dogs

Why We Love It: We are absolutely in love with this lion mane! It is easy, simple and absolutely adorable. This is perfect especially for the golden retriever and yellow lab parents out there!

Where to Get It: Here


2. Spider Cat, Spider Cat…

Costume: Spider

Best For: Small to Medium Cats and Dogs

Why We Love It: We think this spider costume is a great way to get into the spirit of Halloween… and possibly startle your unsuspecting spouse! This costume is versatile and is advertised to be a great pick for dogs AND cats!

Where to Get It: Here


3. Delivery!

RCO Pet Care Halloween Costumes For Your Pet Dogs in UPS and USPS outfits

Costume: UPS or USPS carrier

Best For: Small to Medium Dogs

Why We Love It: We have to be honest. We think any costume that makes your pup look like it’s walking on two legs and carrying something is hysterical… the UPS and USPS delivery teams are no exception!

Where to Get It: Here and Here


4. Calling All 90’s Kids!

RCO Pet Care Halloween Costumes For Your Pet Dog Wearing Beanie Baby Tag

Costume: ty Beanie Baby

Best For: Dogs and Cats

Why We Love It: This is another simple, easy costume but how we can’t get over how cute it is! Transform your pet into a collectable, adorable collectible toy with a simple tag to put on their collar. We might have to order our own!

Where to Get It: Here


5. Can’t Forget the Little Ones!

RCO Pet Care Halloween Costumes For Your Pet Small Animals Rabbit Wearing Vest

Costume: Police K9

Best For: Small Animals

Why We Love It: The best part of Halloween is nobody is left out – even your small caged animals! We had a blast looking at costumes on Amazon ranging from hats for bearded dragons to dinosaur costumes for guinea pigs. We picked this Police K9 costume for rabbits because we’re so proud of this little bunny for living his dreams. You make a good K9, cutie!

Where to Get It: Here


Bonus: Pumpkin Treats!

If your pet isn’t one for dressing up, don’t force it. It’s easy to get them in on the holiday with a simple Halloween bandana, a picture posed next to a pumpkin or a special treat. Pumpkin is safe for your pets to eat (but check with your vet if your pet has special dietery restrictions!). We really like the pumpkin based recipes recommended by the AKC for pups and this pumpkin salmon treat recipe for the felines in your life!


But Don’t Forget – Safety First!

Dog with PumpkinDressing up with your pet can be great fun but it is very important to respect your fur baby’s personal space and preferences. You never want to force your pet into a position that causes them to feel distressed or threatened. Similarly, be sure the costume fits well and never leave your pet unattended while they’re dressed up in their Halloween best. Costumes can get caught on furniture, restrict movement or get chewed up and become a choking hazard.

For more about safety surrounding Halloween costumes for your pet and other spooky festivities, check out our Halloween safety blog!


To learn how RCO Pet Care Care can help you with your dog walking and pet sitting needs this Halloween and beyond, check out our servicescontact us or call us at (203) 641-2428. If you’re outside of our service area we’re happy to help you find a reputable, professional pet care provider. We’ve got your tail!

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