Training for Reactive Dogs

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training in Greater New Haven, CT

Reactive to Relaxed

Make Walks More Enjoyable

Reactive dogs will often bark, lunge and fixate on other dogs, people or objects during their walk. While frustrating and sometimes scary, there are ways to help your dog through this. That’s where we come in!

How It Works

Our trainer will come to you work specifically on dog reactivity and associated skills with you and your pup. Goals will be set after your initial consultation.

After each session, our team will send you a writeup of everything we discussed so you have it to look over as you work with your pup. We will also outline some exercises to work on before your next session!

Who It's For

Our Reactive Dog Program is… well, intended for reactive dogs! If you’re unsure what you’re seeing is reactivity, get in touch and we can help decipher what your dog may be experiencing.

What You Will Learn

Lessons will focus on giving you the skills you need to prevent and handle a reaction while helping your dog change his “feelings” about the trigger.

All learning in all of our training programs is done via positive reinforcement. This means your dog will be rewarded for the correct and response and mistakes will simply be ignored. We will not use force, prong collars, choke collars or e-collars on your dog – guaranteed.

What's Included

Our Reactive Dog Program includes a consultation, 7 private one-on-one sessions (in-home and on location), a clicker, a treat bag and a fun reference book to help you learn to inerpret your dogs’ body language. Additional clickers, treat bags and our favorite training harnesses are available for purchase here.

Thorough write ups and resources will be provided for you after each session!


Brindle whippet relaxing on mat

Piper’s mom says…

“After six sessions with Jess, I can safely say we feel comfortable bringing Piper around with us anywhere! She gave us the tools to help Piper feel confident, and also gave US the confidence that we can handle Piper when she has a reaction.


Golden Retriever Puppy Holding Stick

Skills for Reactive Dogs

From reactive to relaxed!

Reactivity can be overwhelming and our program can help you work toward calmer walks for both you and your pup! Through classical and operant conditioning, we’ll show you techniques, games and tools you can use to help decrease your dog’s anxiety and increase both of your confidence!

Our Reactive Dog Program Includes:

  • One 60-90 minute consultation
  • Seven 45-60 minute private training sessions (1x week, 7 weeks)
  • A clicker and basic treat bag
  • Unlimited virtual support
  • Full write-ups and training exercises after each session

 Topics and Behaviors Covered Include:

  • An Introduction to Positive Reinforcement Training
  • “Capturing” Calm Behavior
  • Mat or “Place” Work
  • Pattern Games
  • How to Handle Reactions
  • Real Life Applications

 Investment: $1,050 + tax

Meet Your Trainer

Jessica Barry

professional dog trainer, kpa-ctp

Jessica is the founder of RCO Pet Care and our head trainer. She graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) with distinction, earning the title of Certified Training Partner. Karen Pryor, and now KPA, have spearheaded the development of force-free training methods, and are some of the leading proponents of operant conditioning.

Jess is also a licensed Family Paws educator, a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and is currently working toward her independent certification via the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

 Jessica has worked with many species ranging from dogs to horses to bison and primates at Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo. She holds a Bachelor's in Animal Science from the University of Connecticut, is a Fear Free Professional and is certified in Pet CPR and First Aid.

More Training Options

Puppy Training

Puppies are a LOT of work and there’s so much to help them learn! Don’t fret – we’re here to help you set puppy up for success through management and teaching them the skills and confidence they need to thrive!


Life Skills

Jumping on guests, leash pulling, submissive tinkles, excessive barking… our dogs can do things that make us crazy! Our certified trainer can help you and your dog develop the skills to change behavior for the long run and live harmoniously together!


Group Classes

Group classes are an affordable way to work with your dog or puppy in a group setting under professional guidance. Classes are a great way to expose your dog to new environments and will teach you both how to work around distractions!


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