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Meet Emma! This little kitty is a perfect example of why we do what we do.

Emma’s mom hasn’t been able to travel but had an emergency situation and thought her only option was to board Emma. She thought this would be hard on her and at the last minute decided to search for pet sitters in the area. Enter RCO Pet Care!

Emma was terrified for the first two days of her visits. She hid under the bed and couldn’t be coaxed by treats or toys but we kept trying. We talked to her softly, offered her her favorite things, etc. without ever being pushy.

Yesterday Emma came out from under the bed and was overjoyed to see Jess. She meowed and purred and played and was such a happy cat. Today was the same. Jess even got this picture or her talking up a storm!

Because of RCO, Emma was able to stay comfortable in her home and warm up to this new person on her own terms. Plus, Emma’s mom can travel wherever she would like, worry free, knowing her sitters are there for her.

This certainly would have been scarier situation for Emma if she was put in a carrier and brought to a strange new place with all kinds of smells and noises. Similariyl, an untrained pet sitter may not have known how to handle Emma’s shyness. It is critical to hire a pet care provider who understands each pet’s individual needs.

Thank you Emma for warming our hearts and thank you to her momma for trusting us with your baby ❤

RCO Pet Care loves our feline clients and understand how shy they can be. To learn how RCO Pet Care’s team of professional pet sitters can help you care for your beloved cats when you are away, check out our servicescontact us or call us at (203) 641-2428.

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