Pooper Scooper Service

We are not offering waste removal services at this time.

Yard Usability

Nobody likes to step in pet waste and doing so can track it into your car, home and businesses. Similarly, young children can unknowingly play in waste. With a clean yard you and your family are able to enjoy your property worry-free.

Prevent Odors

Being inconsistent with picking up your dogs’ waste can lead to odors, particularly in the warm summer months. Having a reliable schedule will help keep your home odor free keeping you (and your neighbors!) happy.

Prevents Spread of Disease

Did you know dog poop can contain bacteria such as Salmonella and E.Coli as well as roundworms and hookworms? Keeping your yard clean is good for your pets’ health!

Environmental Concerns

Despite what you may think, dog poop is not a good fertilizer. It can contribute bacteria, nitrogen and phosphorus into soil and waterways. Its acidic nature also can damage your yard.


Set your schedule with RCO and forget about it! We are here to keep your yard spic and span!

Please Note: Price may vary based on the size and set-up of your yard. If your yard has not been maintained there may be an additional charge for our first visit. Exact pricing will be determined at your free consultation. For sanitation purposes, you must provide your own pooper scooper.

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