New Year’s Resolutions to Make For Your Pet

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The holidays have come and gone and 2020 is right around the corner. Not only are we looking at a fresh new year but the beginning of a new decade! New Year’s resolutions are a popular way to launch full-force efforts into developing live-improving new habits. As pet people, we can’t help but to think about how much more fun this would be with if they benefited your favorite four-legged companion, too. Here are just seven New Year’s Resolutions to make for your pet for a happy, healthy year.


1. Take More Walks

Exercise is so important for humans and animals alike. Walks are a low-impact, enjoyable exercise that your dog will just LOVE you for. Not only can walking help with weight loss for both you and your pup but it can keep you in a better mood and reduce anxiety among many other benefits.

Of course, longer walks will expend the most energy but even short jaunts are better than nothing. Only have time for a ten minute walks before work, after dinner and before bed time? Great – that’s 30 minutes of movement! Get out there!

If time is a problem, you spend long days in the office or your pup is a high energy breed who needs as much exercise as she can get, consider hiring a professional dog walker to provide exercise when you can’t be there. Your dog will thank you for it.


2. Measure Their Food

When feeding pets, it’s very common to say “one scoop” or “half a bowl.” While convenient, this isn’t a very accurate way to maintain your pets’ health or weight. Your “half a bowl” may be very different from your husband’s “half a bowl,” resulting in Fluffy’s portions changing daily and potentially leading to unwanted weight gain.

Consider getting a kitchen food scale to accurate weigh out exactly how much food you’re providing. Or, invest in a set of measuring cups meant solely for your pet’s food. With an actual measuring cup, you can provide consistent, level “scoops” and know exactly what your pet is ingesting. Your pet’s food bag will have a feeding guide on the back to give you an idea of where to start.


3. Review Their Diet

The New Year also brings about a great opportunity to review your pet’s diet. There are a lot of factors that should go into deciding what your pet eats. Things to consider?

  • Input from your veterinarian
  • Your pet’s life stage (puppy, kitten, adult, senior)
  • Allergies
  • Medical needs
  • Quality
  • Pet’s preference

Take a look at your pet’s weight, too. Are her ribs a little bit harder to feel? Maybe cut back on the table scraps (I know, it’s hard!). Is she gulping her food down in record time? Consider looking into puzzle feeders. Take this opportunity to review how your pet looks, feels and what she needs, and always consult with your veterinarian if you have questions or concerns.


4. Keep Up with Preventative Care

The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true for your pets.

Make New Year’s Resolutions for your pet that will keep them safe from preventable conditions and diseases. Recommended preventive care will vary based on your pet’s species, age and your location but in our service area typically include flea and tick prevention, dental care (both at home and with your veterinarian) HeartGuard, vaccinations and semiannual wellness checkups.

Discuss your pet’s lifestyle, age and breed with your veterinarian to determine exactly what preventive care you should be providing to help your pet live a long, happy, healthy life.


5. Never Stop Learning

No matter your pet’s age, learning new tricks and games keeps stimulates their brains and keeps them happy and healthy. It can also make for a safer, more obedient pet and be fun for you!

Obedience classes are the first thing many people think of when considering this New Year’s resolution but there are so many options. Beyond the traditional “puppy” or “beginner class,” there are more advanced levels, agility classes, certifications to earn from the American Kennel Club and more. There are also trainers that will come directly to your home, practice obedience skills in real-world locations or have group classes at the local brewery or dog park.

Other options include playing games with your dog, purchasing different types of toys (or catnip!) for your cat or just enforcing basic obedience a few minutes a day. The possibilities are endless when it comes to teaching your pet and keeping them mentally stimulated.


6. Wash Those Dishes

When is the last time you washed your pet’s dishes? Make a New Year’s Resolution to wash your pet’s bowls on a regular basis. This often gets overlooked but is important in preventing bacterial growth. Plus, who wants to eat out of a grimy dish?!

Exactly how and when you should wash your pets’ dishes depend on what they are made out of. Some bowls should be hand washed while others are safe to throw in the dishwasher.


7. Spend Quality Time Together

Life is short. Make time to spend with your pup doing whatever makes you both happy. Curl up on the couch together and watch a movie. Go for a long walk where maybe you spend most of the time just letting your dog sniff. Let your cat drink the tuna water just this once.  Resolve to enjoy each other’s company and the amazing companionship your pet brings despite the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Your pet will love you for it and you’ll be a happy, satisfied pet parent.


These are just a few New Year’s Resolutions to make for your pet.

The possibilities are endless. Between long walks, continued learning, extra cuddle time, a good diet review, you are setting your pet up for a great year. Of course, anything you do to better you and your pet’s lives and health are resolutions worth making and we commend you. Happy New Year!

To learn how RCO Pet Care’s team of professional pet sitters can help you and your pets achieve your New Year’s Resolutions, check out our servicescontact us or call us at (203) 641-2428.

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