Mother’s Day for Pet Moms – 5 Great Gifts

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Happy Mother’s Day to you or the Pet Moms in your life! Some argue that we are not actually “moms” but we spend so much time wiping paws, cleaning nose prints off of, well, everything, scooping poop, saving toy mice from under the closet door, lint rolling our good sweaters because pet hair is our life… Heck, we deserve some recognition, too!

RCO Pet Care has looked into the 5 best gifts you can get the Dog Moms in your life for Mother’s Day!

1. Custom Pet Socks – Starting at $15 from MyPhotoSocks

Who wouldn’t LOVE a pair of socks with their pet’s face all over it! I mean, we have to wear socks anyway. We might as well have our best friend’s adorable face plastered all over it. I can see it now… brightening up my work day, that trip to the grocery store, my run… Yep, love it.

Custom Pet Socks 

2. Friendship Collar – Starting at $35 from FriendshipCollar

My dogs are my BEST FRIENDS and I could totally see myself wearing friendship bracelets with them. I mean, do any of your human friends get so excited they pee a little when they see you? (I mean, I hope not, but you get what I mean…). There are tons of cute prints to suit all different personalities and you can get matching leashes and charms. Yes, please.

. Friendship Collar 

3. Cat Butt Magnets – $10.95 from Amazon

Who doesn’t want a bunch of cat butts on their refrigerator? If you are not a cat mom – don’t fret! They also have dog butts, farm animal butts, safari butts, shark butts AND whale butts. All of your bases are covered whether you’re a farmer, a pet mom, a tour guide on the Disney World Animal Kingdom safari or an undomesticated  whale/shark mom? (We don’t judge!)

Cat Butt Magnets

4. Wisdom Panel – $79.99 from Chewy

Does the Dog Mom in your life have a rescue dog? Have you spent countless hours together guessing what breed said dog might be? Been there! Be (reasonably) sure of what is in your dog’s DNA and treat your favorite Dog Mom to a Wisdom Panel. The test recognizes 250 breeds and can put the debate to an end once and for all!

Wisdom Panel 

5. A Pet Sitter! – Starting at $22 from RCO Pet Care

Give the pet mom in your life a day of relaxation at the spa, a day trip to Rhode Island or time to herself. That’s where we come in! Let us take over her pet care routine for the day, weekend, or whole week! We are pet parents ourselves and would LOVE to help making this Mother’s Day Weekend super special for you and your loved ones.

Best pet sitter

Happy Mother’s Day to all! Whether your kids are human, scaley, hooved, furry, hairy or all of the above, this day is about you and you better celebrate, dog-gone it <3

To learn how RCO Pet Care’s team of professional pet sitters can help care for your furry crew, check out our servicescontact us or call us at (203) 641-2428.

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