Pet Disaster Preparedness Kits in Connecticut

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Be sure to consider your furry family members in your disaster preparedness plans. In Connecticut, unpredictable long-term power outages, impassable roads and unexpected natural disasters (such as the 2018 tornado in our service area) can put you and your pets’ lives at risk. Pet Disaster Preparedness Kits are an easy way to help protect Fido and Fluffy.

Sound overwhelming?  Our pet care specialists have compiled a list to get you started:


Food and Water

Put together 1 to 2 week supply of food and water. These basics are essential to your pets comfort and health during a disaster. We recommend overestimating your pets’ water consumption.

Likewise, it is important that the food in your Disaster Preparedness Kit will not spoil. Food and water bowls as well as a manual can opener are important, too!


Leashes, Collars and Carriers

chihuahua on leash

Collars with identification should be on your pets at all times. Similarly, leashes and harnesses will be crucial in keeping pets restrained and safe. Consider storing your carriers for small dogs and cats by your kit for easy access in case of evacuation.

If you pack multiple harnesses or collars be sure that each has its own identification tag.


Basic First Aid Kit

A basic pet first aid kit can be purchased or put together on your own. Supplies to consider include gauze, bandages, tweezers and gloves. The ASPCA offers their suggestions regarding what to include. Your vet is also a great resource!


Medications, Photos and Medical Records

emergency information contained in folders

Keeping an emergency supply of certain medications may or may not be possible. This is something to be discussed with your veterinarian. A list of your pets’ medications as well as copies of their vaccine and health records, microchip information and vet’s contact information is also recommended.

Create a document containing your pets’ names, feeding instructions and current photos. This can prove to be useful in the case of separation. These information sheets coupled with photos of you with your pets, for instance, can be used to verify ownership.


Waste Removal and Cleaning Supplies

Some families choose to keep a litter box in their emergency kit while others may opt for some lightweight litter to fill whatever they can find. Plastic bags, paper towels and some cleaning supplies are always recommended. Don’t forget a litter scooper and poop bags!


Emergency Contacts

Having a list of emergency contacts can be an excellent resource when you need to get out of your home quickly. This list can include family, your professional pet sitter and local pet-friendly hotels and shelters.


What else is in your Pet Disaster Preparedness Kit?

This list is a great start, however, these are just the very basics of your Pet Disaster Preparedness Kit! We encourage you to take this list and expand upon it infinitely. Blankets, pet life vests, heart worm preventatives… the possibilities are endless!

Add your suggestions in the comments below!

Further questions? To learn how RCO Pet Care’s team of professional pet sitters can help you safely care for your furry crew in case of an emergency, check out our services, contact us or call us at (203) 641-2428.

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