Connecticut Pet-Friendly State Campgrounds

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With Summer vacation here, it’s time to roll out the camper and get the tents to go camping with the family. Connecticut Pet-Friendly State Campgrounds are sure to offer a pleasant camping experience for you and your furry friends. These campgrounds not only offer the beauty of the outdoors, but they are also inclusive of pets. Some sites are even horse-friendly, so you can ride them in the nature trails there. Check out these 4 Connecticut Pet-Friendly State Campgrounds.


Salt Rock Campground

Salt Rock State Campground is a great camping ground to take the whole family. It is located in eastern Connecticut and offers many walking trails, a lovely river nearby to fish in, and a swimming pool for registered campers. The park has an activity for everyone, and friendly dogs can walk the trails on leash. You can also take your dog fishing to the river and have some company while getting your catch. This campsite allows up to 2 pets per site, so if you have more than one fur baby, you can bring them along! 



American Legion State Forest

American Legion State Forest is located in Barkhamsted, Connecticut and is a vast forested campground. This campground is recommended for dogs and families that enjoy a good hike. The rugged terrain with steep trails is sure to be a challenge as you explore the campsite and enjoy the hillside views with your pup. Be sure to pack water on your hikes and keep you and your dog hydrated well during the hot summer days. The campsite has a river where water activities like fishing, canoeing, and kayaking are done to cool off. You and your dog can either relax by the water or continue your adventure on the water. Wherever you go on this campsite, you will be surrounded by nature’s beauty, and you can check out the old white pine trees and have a picnic together in the recreation area. There is also the Barkhamsted Lighthouse you can hike to and take a picture to capture your camping trip memories. 

Connecticut Pet-Friendly State Campgrounds


Pachaug State Forest

The Pachaug State Forest encompasses a massive amount of land on the Rhode Island border in New London County and stretching over to surrounding towns. In addition to amazing hikes and walks with your dog, or cat in a backpack, you can also bring your horse! This campground allows one dog per campsite and offers beautiful nature sceneries, hiking trails, kayaking and other camping activities to enjoy. 

The trails are sure to be great exercise for your horse, and the views may be even better from that height! Walking dogs on the trails must be done on a leash, and after a good long walk, you can enjoy a nice picnic on the campgrounds or toast some treats by a campfire. 


Natchaug State Forest

Natchaug State Forest offers backpack camping to bring your pet and even has a place dedicated to horse camping. Beautiful horse trails can be enjoyed during your camping trip, and hiking trails can be enjoyed with your pets. This area also offers fishing and picnicking for some relaxing activities to enjoy outdoors. If you’re up for an adventure and ready to be out in the wilderness, then Natchaug State Forest is the place for you. 


Connecticut Pet-Friendly State Campgrounds are ready to accept campers and their pets and give you a great summer! If you’re going away to a non-pet-friendly campground, be sure to reach out to us and check out our pet sitting services. If a full-out camping trip is not your dog’s cup of tea, then be sure to check out our dog walking services and let us take your fur babies for a walk for you! Be sure to get out this summer and have a great time!


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