How We Hire the Best Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

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We take pride in hiring the best pet sitters and dog walkers in the Greater Waterbury area of Connecticut. We love serving our clients from Oxford to Thomaston and everywhere in between! Ever wonder what it takes to become a Pet Care Specialist at RCO Pet Care? Here’s a look at the fantastic things our pet sitters and dog walkers do to make sure your pet gets the best care out there!

 Phase 1 – The Application

The first step in joining the RCO Pet Care team is to apply. Our application screens for basic qualifications such as applicants’ location, availability, animal experience and goals. The application will give our team an idea of who you are and your level of contribution. If you want to apply, we encourage you to submit a cover letter and resume.

Naugatuck CT Best Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Application

Phase 2 – More Questions!

If your application stands out, you will enter phase two of our hiring process. This involves the completion of an extensive questionnaire that focuses on the knowledge of animal care. Applicants will answer questions about handling pups that pull on leashes, entering a home to find vomit on the floor and more. 

Since we do not expect applicants to have knowledge about our policies and procedures right away, posing these questions allows our hiring team to learn more about the candidate and their basic knowledge of animal health and behavior.


Phase 3 – Let’s Chat!

The next step in picking the best pet sitters and dog walkers to provide care for your pets is through a phone interview. A phone interview allows our team to verify information from the candidate’s application and ask questions about answers that piqued our interest. The candidate will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the open position. 


Phase 4 – The Interview

Furthermore, when a candidate makes it to phase four of our hiring process, they will receive an offer for an in-person (or virtual) interview. In addition to that, the applicant will meet our team to discuss the position in detail. We will pose additional questions to learn more about the candidate’s work ethic, pet experience,  and long-term goals. The questions asked at this time will help decide if this person will fit in well with our team and give your pets the best quality of care possible.


Background Checks and Paperwork

All job offers are made contingent on a clean background check via our partner, Acutraq. We only hire trustworthy, professional people with a passion for animals. Upon completing the criminal background check at a county and federal level and a sex offender search, employees are welcomed to the team to complete tax paperwork and hiring documents. (We only hire W-2 employees for their benefit as well as yours!)



RCO Pet Care has developed a training process to teach new Pet Care Specialists how to provide the best possible care and experience to every client (furry and human!)

Best Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Training


The Employee Manual and Standard Operating Procedures

We take our jobs very seriously and expect the same from new team members. As a result, each new hire is provided with our employee manual and standard operating procedures that outline their rights, expectations, and how our management team will support them. 

The Training Module

All new hires partake in a 14 chapter module developed by the owner of RCO Pet Care. The topics covered here range from filling out our client journals to how to walk a dog safely. Information regarding common canine and feline diseases, CPR, and First Aid are all outlined as well. The module is updated monthly to ensure our team is continuously learning and staying up to date. Employees cannot advance their training until they demonstrate full comprehension of the information.

Best Watertown Dog Walkers

In-Person Training

Once a new Pet Care Specialist has understood RCO Pet Care’s culture and pet care standards, they begin in-person training. The new employee will shadow RCO’s president, Jessica, on visits ranging from cat sits, and dog walks. The amount of time spent training depends on the employee, their experience, and demonstration of skill and understanding. 


Continuing Education

Safety and excellence are two of RCO Pet Care’s core values. The best way to stay up-to-date on everything pet care is through continuing education. Jessica is continually learning new ways to bring you the best dog walking and pet sitting services through her Fear Free Pets and Pet Sitters International certifications. Our team is continuously learning new things from the best way to understand a dog’s body language to how to approach a nervous cat.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

Finally, a critical piece of being the best dog walkers and pet sitters is our dedication to our clients – both two-legged and four-legged. We are always tweaking, learning and improving based on your needs and feedback.  Our teams’ commitment is to provide you with an outstanding customer experience. Equally, your pets deserve the safest, most compassionate care possible.

Lastly, to learn how RCO Pet Care Care can help you with your dog walking and pet sitting needs, check out our services, contact us or call us at (203) 641-2428. If you’re outside of our service area, we’re happy to help you find a reputable, professional pet care provider. We’ve got your tail!

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