Hiring an App Sitter Versus a Professional Sitter

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Are you looking at hiring a pet sitter or dog walker and are unsure whether to go through an App or professional sitter? We’re here to review the differences between using an app sitter versus a professional sitter. It is important to consider the pros and cons of both types of services since the decision will primarily affect your pet. As responsible dog owners, we must make the right choice to consider the safety and care of our pets. Here are some pros and cons to consider when deciding between an app sitter versus a professional sitter. 


Pros for a Pet Sitter App

The biggest pro for pet sitting apps is the price. Pet sitting apps tend to be more affordable than their professional competition. A typical range in price for a 30-minute dog walk, for example, is anywhere between $15 and $20. These services can be significantly less than a professional pet sitter. If a lower price is essential for your budget, app sitters may seem a lot more appealing. 

Another big pro for pet sitting apps is their convenience. Looking for a pet sitter can be done with the touch of a finger. The dog walker and pet sitter profiles are posted by the company and can be filtered and looked through from your couch. A short bio provides you with the interests and reviews of each person to make your hiring decision. This can be very appealing for someone looking to hire a dog walker for a last-minute walk.


Cons for a Pet Sitter App

The cons of a pet sitter app may outweigh the pros for some. The lower price for pet sitting usually results in basic service. Don’t expect anyone to go above and beyond through a pet sitting app. These workers are independently hired to provide a specific service. That isn’t to say that they won’t do a good job, but the service will not be exceptional as a lot of these independent contractors do this as a side job for extra cash or a hobby. 

Another downside to app sitters is their potential lack of pet care education, experience, and preparedness for emergencies. An app sitter may not have the experience of knowing how to handle unexpected situations with your pet. This can prove dangerous to your pet’s health or life if a plan of action isn’t considered and if first aid training isn’t taught. 

Pet sitter apps also don’t usually have their workers bonded and insured. If issues arise, there may not be anyone held accountable for any negligence, damage or theft. If these costs aren’t covered, it may lead to a headache of issues to resolve. It can potentially result in costly legal fees, which will end up costing far more than hiring a professional pet sitter. 

Pet sitting apps are much less appealing to those looking to hire a long-term sitter. With independently contracted sitters, the consistency of getting the same sitter is unlikely. This can result in good or bad experiences if you get someone new each time. In addition to the varied experiences, your pet may not feel comfortable with every sitter that they get. This can also cause your pet anxiety if someone new is entering your home so often. The trust and reassurance that you feel from a professional pet sitter may not be there with the inconsistency of hired app sitters. 


App Sitter Versus Professional Sitter


Pros for a Professional Pet Sitter 

There are many pros to hiring a professional pet sitter. One of the main pros is that you can be sure that your professional sitter is experienced, trained, and prepared for any situation. This ensures that your pet is safe in their care. Professional sitters have made pet care their career. They have dedicated their time and energy to learning how to provide the best quality pet care possible.

Not only are they experienced and have the proper training in CPR and Pet First aid, but they are also bonded and insured. With these qualifications, you can be sure that you, your pet, and your home are protected in any situation. Emergencies have well-prepared plans, and your pet’s health and safety is always put first. Members of a professional pet care team also go through a specific hiring process where they are specifically selected and checked to fit the company’s quality of service and beliefs. 

In addition to this, a professional pet sitter truly values their relationship with their clients and their pets. For professionals, your pet is more than just a customer, and we aim to go above and beyond to bond with your dog and form a lasting connection that will want your pet coming back for more! 

Professional pet sitters are the favored choice for long-term pet sitting services as more peace of mind is guaranteed. With a professional pet sitter, you are sure to get consistency in service and of professional sitters. We understand the importance of making your pet feel as comfortable as possible. Every effort is made to ensure a couple of our team members will be your pet’s primary caregivers. Consistency and stability are important in our pet’s lives, and as professionals, we make that our priority.


Cons for a Professional Pet Sitter 

The most notable con for hiring a professional pet sitter is the higher price of their services. They are on the more expensive side, but this price can be justified for the quality of service given. For customers with tight budgets, these services aren’t always in reach.

Another notable con to hiring a professional pet sitter is the time it takes to research and find the perfect sitter or walker for your pet. Instead of swiping through an app, an internet search may need to be performed or referrals asked for from your veterinarian. Professional pet sitters may also have specific procedures to get to know you and your pet before providing services. The sign-up process can be more lengthy, but this ensures your pet is comfortable with the sitter or walker you choose.


Deciding Factors

There are some essential things to consider when hiring an app sitter versus a professional pet sitter. The price should suit your budget for the service you are looking for. The qualifications of the pet sitter should align with the type of service you need and the duration of the service. The insurance and protection plan available should also be considered. Not all companies have insurance, and this does add a level of professionalism and peace of mind. Lastly, an important deciding factor is how well your pet responds and interacts with their sitter and walker. If the interaction goes well for both you and your pet, that can be a good sign to proceed forward!


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