An Open Letter to Dogs During COVID-19: How to Help Your Humans

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An open letter to dogs – the Goodest Boys and Girls:

You have no idea what’s going on but your humans are home and you’re having the time of your life. Your kids don’t get on that super loud, weird-smelling box full of other kids! Your mom and dad are home to open the door so you can go in and out 400 times a day. You’ve made it – this is all you’ve ever wanted!

At the same time, you can’t help but feel their underlying stress and fear. But why? They are home with you! Life is good!

Your humans are experiencing unprecedented amounts of uncertainty and stress right now. Remember that time they left for four minutes and you thought they were never coming back so you ate the couch? Sort of like that.

You, as the goodest boys and girls around, are the best at caring for your two-legged friends. Here are some ways you can help support them right now by just being you.


1. Make a Squeaky Noise When You Yawn

We don’t know why, but there is nothing more adorable when you make squeaky whistling noises when you’re yawning. We will drop everything to tell you how perfect and adorable you are. I don’t have any scientific data to back it up but I bet our cortisol levels drop tenfold during a good, squeaky yawn.

Gosh, you’re the best.


2. Get Your Ear Stuck Inside Out

For those of you with floppy ears make sure your ear gets stuck inside out when you’re playing or giving yourself a good scratch. At my house we call this “being a bear.” Instant stress relief.

Your person will tell you to “fix your ears” like they don’t approve but I promise they are loving it.


3. Sleep in Weird Positions

Your humans are likely still working even though they are home with you. This can be stressful. When you fall asleep waiting for them to finish whatever boring thing they are doing, feel free to do it upside down, in a pile with your brothers and sisters, or in a bizarre place like in the cat’s bed (sorry, kitties).

They will laugh and forget about their troubles.


4. Tilt Your Head

When we’re talking to you in that goofy voice you love so much, give them a good head tilt. They will melt, you’ll feel some of the tension leave the room and you very well might get a cookie!


5. Get Your Lips Stuck

This ones goes along with the squeaky noise when you yawn. When you shut your mouth and your lips get caught in the sides we absolutely lose it. Whether you show a little bit of your teethies or just have your lips puffed out at the sides… we can’t get enough of it.

(I know I said this already but you are really the cutest creatures.)


6. Don’t Eat the Toilet Paper

I know, this one’s puzzling even to me, but it appears having extra toilet paper on hand is comforting for us humans. Taking the loose end and running out of the bathroom is so much fun but just try to resist.


7. Leave the Office Work to the People

You want to help because you’re the best helper ever! Who wouldn’t want you as an office assistant? Try and keep your nose out of the paperwork your mom’s working on, though. While she might not mind a chewed up corner or a tongue mark in the middle of her report, her boss may find it a little less than amusing when she gets back to the office.


8. Prepare for Extra Couch Time

Disney+, Neflix and Hulu don’t mean much to you but they are a staple for your humans right now. Get ready to cuddle up on the couch for hours on end while you person stares blankly at the box on the wall.

You may get used as a pillow – fair warning!


9. Give Them Extra Cuddles

This one’s easy for you. You love nothing more than quality time with your family. In this time of stress, give them as much love as you can. Randomly place your head in their lap. Give them your paw for no reason. Lick their faces when they cry. You are the best medicine for everything and we love you so much for it.


It’s a tough job being such a Good Dog but someone has to do it. Lucky for you, you’re a natural. Enjoy your extra time with your people. Make them laugh and give them as much love as you can. They appreciate you.

To learn how RCO Pet Care Care can support you and your people during this pandemic, check out our servicescontact us or call us at (203) 641-2428. We’ve got your tail.

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